What Is It?

This 9-piece vegan brush set is perfect for your daily three step face and basic eyeshadow makeup routine based on the usage habits of Asian Makeup Artists. With a complete basic variety of brushes you can make a simple, flawless look. The colorful handles will brighten your makeup kit. Coming with a belt pouch, that you can easily take your brushes anywhere.


How To Use

Use the foundation and powder brushes to create a smooth base on your skin. The angled face brush is great for applying contour and blush. The eye brushes are the perfect size for your eyelids, so apply your eyeshadows precisely and blend them with the fluffy crease brush. The lip brush helps shape your lips more easily and give them a fuller look.


Pro Tips

Use the tapered blending brush to apply a deep crease color and blend out afterwards with the fluffy blending brush. You can also use the eyeliner brush to soften your gel eyeliner and smudge it before it scatters across your lid.



Vegan bristles - these vegan hairs are completely cruelty-free while having the same softness as natural animal hairs.

Aluminum Ferrule - holding the bristles together tightly.



Dimension: 4.6 X 10.3 X 22.2 cm

Weight: 0.5 kg

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