The Pretty Grunge Shadow Palette

The heavenly sister of the grunge shadow palette! Happy pops of purple and pink put the crowning touch on the perfect light-to-mid tone range to flatter all skin tones. This palette includes 8 shades, 5 different finishes, 1 swipe coverage designed for eyes, cheek, and face.

• Grunge gets pretty for the latest Venus palette, featuring shades and finishes that beam all the way to the skies beyond.
• Rapturous lilac rose gold and mauve shades mixed with earthly browns.
• The dreamy lavender and rose gold box is graced with Venus herself.

• MATTE: Buttery smooth and totally matte.
• FOIL: High def and ultra-reflective.
• SPARKLE MATTE: Same matte formula you love, but with sparkle!
• SPARKLE METALLIC: Soft, luminous finish. Not satin, not shimmer. It's glow!
• METALLIC: Ultra-shiny shimmer.

• Dreamy: Mauve (matte)
• Beam: Lit lilac with pink shift (foil)
• Heavenly: Rich rose gold (foil)
• Rapture: Soft blush with blue flash (sparkle matte)
• Ecstasy: Dried fig (matte)
• Paradise: Bright fuchsia with blue glow (sparkle metallic)
• Bliss: Rosewood (matte)
• Beloved: Minky lavender brown (metallic)

Paleta Venus 3

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