Experience the nostalgia of seeing the ice cream truck rolling by!


 Our vision for the Ice Cream Dream Palette was to create the ultimate foodie experience! This palette features our first ever 3D motion packaging!!! From the over the top glamorous pink Glamlite Ice Cream Truck, to the luxurious sleek cone and top it off with 3D sprinkles; this palette is the ultimate sweet fantasy! From top to bottom, inside and out, every single detail was handcrafted to perfection with love! 


Ice Cream Dream Palette contains 30 exquisite shades inspired by the most delicious ice cream types & flavors. Indulge in traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, rocky road & cookie dough, or spice up your taste buds with gourmet delights such as honey lavender, taro & many more! This versatile palette consists of a combination of ultra-pigmented pastels & rich neutrals for an endless amount of dreamy looks! 

Paleta Ice Cream Dream Palette