What is it?

The Brush Care Series - 4 Pieces Cleaning, drying and shaping kit is with every tool you need to take care of your beloved brushes. No matter you’re a beginner or an artist, it will keep your brushes tidy, clean and in shape. And it’s compact and could be folded, that you could easily take it anywhere.


How To Use

The cleaning mat has 4 textures, that it works greatly whether the brush is dense or soft. You could hold it or fix it on the sink with the 4 suction cups at the bottom. Massage the brush bristles with the soap solution on it and move the brush bristles in a soft gentle circular motion. Then please wash the soap away with lukewarm water.

The detachable brushes holder could be easily assembled. It has 4 large, 6 medium, and 16 small holes to fit different size of brushes. Hold the brush handle facing up through the hole from down. Please keep the brush head face down when you dry it, which will help the head stay in shape and prevent water from going into the ferrule to break down the glue in it.

The reusable color removal sponge makes the eyeshadow color changing a doddle, just stroking your brush head on it and done! And the sponge holder is of silicone not iron that you won’t have nasty rust stuff. The bonus part is that its bottom is a cleaning mat too.

And the stretchy Makeup Brushes Sleeve Covers will retain your brushes head in shape like powder, foundation, and blush brushes. Please put it on from the handle to the head.


Pro Tips

The more you use your brushes, the dirtier they’ll eventually become. Although some of the grime that accumulates on the brush is simply excess makeup, facial oils, dead skin cells, and dirt. Bacteria, which can easily lead to problems like rashes, acne, and clogged pores can also be present. Regular brush cleaning helps safeguard your skin and keep it looking beautiful.

Regular cleaning is also good for your brushes. It helps them last, meaning your favorite brushes will be with you that much longer, saving you money in the long run. Cleaner brushes also work better. Product is less likely to streak or cake when applied, so you’ll always look your best.



Eco-friendly Silicone: Cleaning mat, sponge holder

High-Grade Acrylic: Brush holder

High-Density Foam: Color Removal Sponge

Biodegradable Polyester: Brush Head Protector Mesh


The 4 Piece set comprises of:

1# Compact Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

2# Stable Makeup Drying Rack 26 Holes Holder

3# Reusable Color Removal Sponge (White and Black)

4# Stretchy Makeup Brushes Sleeve Covers (Head Shape Protector Mesh*10)

Brush Care Series - 4 Pieces Cleaning, Drying and Shaping Kit

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